An analysis of managerial functions as catalysts for change

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An analysis of managerial functions as catalysts for change

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College courses on management are often grounded in the four functions of management that evolved from Fayol’s (, trans.

Mintzberg and Quinn’s Model of Change

by Storr, as cited in Wren & Bedeian, ) writings on management theory and the practice of management. If a catalyst does change the equilibrium, antibodies whose binding target is a stable molecule which resembles the transition state of a chemical reaction can function as weak catalysts for that chemical reaction by lowering its activation energy.

The change-management approach should be fully integrated into program design and decision making, both informing and enabling strategic direction. It should be based on a realistic assessment of the organization’s history, readiness, and capacity to change.

Mintzberg and Quinn’s Model of Change Mintzberg and Quin () proposed 4 broad situational factors which can influence the extent to which an organization can change. These factors are organizational age and size, the technical systems of the organization, organizational environment and the nature of control exerted from various sources.

The higher the management level, the more important conceptual skills become. Although all three categories contain skills essential for managers, their relative importance tends to vary by level of managerial responsibility.

An analysis of managerial functions as catalysts for change
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Mintzberg and Quinn's Model of Change