English lit and lang a level coursework

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This resource provides guidance on the NEA requirements for A-level English Literature A, and should be read in conjunction with the NEA requirements set out in the specification.

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It develops and exemplifies the requirements, but is wholly consistent with them. This resource provides guidance on the NEA requirements for A-level English Literature A, and should be read in conjunction with the NEA requirements set out in the specification. It develops and exemplifies the requirements, but is wholly consistent with them.

Around students opt for the Language and Literature AS qualification, (other options are English Literature, and English Language) with an average class size of When we'll send it to you Item Exams series; From early September. Sent on request via order form.

GCSE and AS/A-level AQA English Anthologies (printed version). 15 May Coursework deadline for A-level English (Non-exam assessment: Making connections) (/C) Schools and colleges may set their own internal deadlines 17 May Exam for AS English Language and Literature Paper 1 (/1).

English lit and lang a level coursework
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